A Graduation - Part 2

Monday, May 30, 2016

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, the perfect weather for a party. Melissa, Laura, and Abigail had been busy all week baking treats and freezing them for the weekend, and Friday had seen them preparing lots of finger foods to be baked on the day of the party...

This particular Saturday found me free as a bird, with Quinn off for most of the day filming with friends. Wanting to be helpful, I asked Mom what I could do to help with all the preparations and she pulled out a huge list! Don't worry, the huge list wasn't just for me, ha!

I spent most of the morning putting together floral arrangements from all the wild flowers we had picked the night before. We had picked enough flowers for over 10 arrangements! And they really brightened up the house and brought the sunshine indoors.

Next, Dad and I got the backyard and deck ready. This was probably my most favorite part! I raided my house for candles, tablecloths, pillows, and an old trunk. We made the backyard seem like an extension of the house!

Next was the food! So many delectable treats just sitting there, waiting to be eaten! 
It was hard not to take a little nibble...
The only thing I made were my favorite Molasses Crinkles! Everything else was made by Mom and the girls.
(And this isn't even ALL of it. There was still Cracker Candy and Lemon Bars in the fridge!)

As the time drew near for the guests to start arriving, we put things in the oven and I put together the fruit and veggie trays. Once everything was out, Dad said to Mom, "Do you want me to go through and eat some of it to make sure everything tastes good?" We were all surprised when she let him! 

Yes, everything got his stamp of approval. Ha ha!

Now all that was left to do was wait for guests to arrive! 
And don't worry, everyone had a marvelous time:
Quinn and his friend Aaron were the champs at badminton.
Greta loved watching everyone play!

The sun set that evening with a warm glow, just like the glow from the candles in the house. Everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Abigail's graduation, though I think we'll have to wait for her to get married before we throw another big party (shh! Don't tell her that!).

Until next time, have a wonderful day!


  1. Emily,
    Everything is so lovely. The food looks delicious, as always. The flowers are beautiful. I am sure Abigail loved every part of it. It looks like the day provided perfect weather for her celebration. Please give her our congratulations on graduating. You must win for the most awesome sister-in-law!

    1. I will indeed! And yes, I probably DO win the Awesome Sister-In-Law award...but I'm her only sister-in-law so it wasn't much of a contest. Haha!


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