A First Birthday

Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday, Greta!

Friday, January 27th was Greta's first birthday, a big milestone for anyone - including a puppy. We celebrated the following weekend, showering her with treats, toys, and a special cake. Though she didn't particularity like the party-hat I had made for her, I think she enjoyed the festivities very much!

My goodness, we simply can't believe how big our little Greta has gotten from that first day we saw her all the way back in April. She was just a teeny-tiny thing among her brothers and sisters in a big plastic pool. We had been sent a picture of her a week before hand and I instantly found her among the other puppies. It was love at first sight...

She was so tiny and little and she trembled in my lap the whole way back to Bainbridge Island (two hours away!). That first night we had her, she howled and howled so much we had to put her down in the basement. But as the days went on she got used to my parent's house and all the love and attention she got from everyone we met.

Kiska, my family's big Samoyed, wasn't too fond of her new sister. Their cat however, Mango, became fast friends with her, and they would play chase all over the house (though Mango would often cheat and jump up on a couch out of reach of Greta).
 Flying back to Juneau from Seattle wasn't as scary as we feared. She got along just fine in the little carrying case under the seat in front of Quinn. She loved her new home at Blueberry Barn very much, but those big stairs DID pose a problem.

Now she's big and she can go up and down our stairs at break-neck speed! It makes me smile to look back at these photos and to see her so small; such fond memories. But I also can't wait for all the new adventures we'll have this year - I'm sure there will be quite a few!

And now, back to the party!

Greta was absolutely shocked when we brought out her birthday cake, as you can see from the above photo. She was so surprised! She instantly started to lick away at the peanut butter frosting, forgetting even to blow out her candle!

I had made a special cake recipe that is just for dogs and Greta enjoyed it very much - don't worry! We didn't let her eat the whole thing! 

After dessert, it was time for the presents!

Greta adored all the fun new toys, her favorite a duck with a squeaker in it. The rest of the evening we played and ate popcorn (Greta's favorite treat, though I don't always like to share with her). Greta certainly felt loved and I think she had an amazing birthday. 

Happy Birthday Puppy!
May this next year hold wonderful adventures and lots of walks!
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