A Search for Autumn

Saturday, September 1, 2018

I went out looking for Autumn, on a cold and rainy day.
Summer had seemed to disappear and had taken the sun away.
I thought for sure I would find her, nestled in among some leaves,
So I went out from the house and yard and walked out to the trees.
I first looked at the flowers, their faces happy and bright.
But although I felt she'd been there, Autumn was not in sight.
So I went out to the garden, and the carrots seemed to tell
That Autumn had been there a day ago, but had left just for a spell.
I then went to the wood, but the trees their secret kept.
Autumn had been there, just before, but their silence I had to accept.
I made my way to the home of my furry brown bear friends,
But they seemed to be out for the afternoon at the stream around the bend.
I thought they would know Autumn, but they seemed too busy with lunch -
So I shrugged my shoulders and went on my way, now with another hunch.
Perhaps she was with the geese that flew high above my head,
Or with the little songbirds that make the willows their beds?
But although I tried to holler and call up to their nests
The birds seemed not to hear me to answer my request.
Autumn seemed to be a step or two ahead
of all the places I had gone and in my boots had tread.
Perhaps I wouldn't find her - but she seemed to be all around!
The leaves, the birds, the animals too all sung of her renown.
I gave up on my search that day for soon it will be time
To welcome Mr. Winter for blessed Christmastime!
I am so very excited that Autumn - my most favorite season - is finally here to stay! Of course Autumn in Juneau (the temperate rainforest that it is) is not always cool crisp air and crunchy leaves...it's normally rainy and soggy instead. But that wont stop my enthusiasm for decorating Blueberry Barn with all my most favorite Autumn things and bringing out my best fall-colored dresses!

I've already unpacked all my warm sweaters, and I look forward to wearing gloves and hats once again! After all, it's the perfect time of year to make some tea, eat a scone, and read a book under a blanket in front of a cozy fire (I just need a fireplace or a stove...hmmm.). 
I hope you enjoyed the little poem I wrote and I wish you a Happy Autumn. Do let me know down in the comments what Autumn things you are excited to do this year! Until next time, Dear Reader, I remain your faithful friend. 

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