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Monday, May 9, 2016

Last year for my birthday my husband gave me a small polaroid camera. It had been the only thing on my wish list as I was really wanting to get into scrapbooking again.

During my high school years, I had scrapbooked here and there with pictures taken by my father on his digital camera. The scrapbook covered things like my 17th birthday, a church award I received, and pictures of my sisters and I. Nothing very fancy.

But then a friend of mine (half way around the world) started a scrapbook, and she inspired me to give it a go once again. With a new camera in hand I set out to make memories and record them in a beautiful way!

My friend (whose name is Harriet, by the way), had chosen to use the Project Life method and style of scrapbooking, and from her pictures on Instagram I fell in love with it too. Instead of the big 12x12 pages with one sheet of paper in them, Project Life pages have pockets 4x6 and 3x4 inches, perfect for photos and the little journal cards that they create. My little polaroid pictures would have seemed so lost on one big sheet of scrapbooking paper, so the pocket scrapbooking method was the method for me!

Easter spent at my parent's home in Seattle. Greta was so small she fit on my mom's kitchen scale!

I now have an antique trunk filled to the brim with scrapbooking supplies. Also, you will notice there are no pictures in this post of me actually working on any pages. That's because the mess I make usually causes Quinn to run away screaming downstairs until I'm finished. Haha!

The Valentines Quinn and I exchanged last February.
I've been recording memories for almost a full year now and I couldn't be happier. I have two full scrapbooks of the day to day special events, and one scrapbook that I recorded our wedding and honeymoon in. For the wedding scrapbook I used printed photos of the pictures taken from our wedding:

It's so fun to be able to look back on the amazing times we've had with friends and family!

The Family photos we got at the wedding will always be some of my favorites.

I often use all sorts of things for my scrapbooking, from stickers and washi tapes to postcards and ribbons! I have a whole collection of things just waiting to be used on a new page, and I'm adding to that collection all the time.

Quinn often asks me what my favorite page is, and it's usually the most recent one I've made that I choose. But if I had to pick an overall favorite, it would have to be the pages I made this last Christmas:
The artwork on these pages are postcards from Audrey Eclectic. She's an amazing artist and she has an Etsy store!

Not just because they turned out beautiful, but also because of the wonderful memories that are on the pages. Christmas is my most favorite time of the year - and if you ask me in July or June if I'm already planning things for Christmas, I will be!

Greta loves my scrapbooking too. Of course, her favorite pages are the ones all about her. And if I'm not looking, she may start chewing on the corners! It's a good thing she's so cute...

...otherwise she would be getting in trouble a lot!

So tell me, do you scrapbook, or have you ever scrapbooked? 
Let me know in the comments below!
I'd love to know how you save your memories. Maybe we can inspire each other to start or continue. And if you already scrapbook, what kinds of scrapbooks do you have and what sorts of products do you use (because I'm always ready to buy more scrapbooking stuff. Shhh! Don't tell my husband!).


  1. Yay for you. I have photos here and there and everywhere, but mostly on the computer. I love your scrapbooks. I am able to see the photos enlarged and I just can't decide on a favorite, but I think if I had to choose, it would be the wedding page. Gorgeous! I have never seen that type of scrapbook before, but I am going to go take a peek. I made scrapbooks for my children when they turned 13; I am still finishing Evan's. They were made with the typical 12x12 decorative paper with stickers. I must say it takes a long time and it is quite expensive. One day I'll write a blog post so you can see them. Surely little Greta didn't try to eat one! She is too sweet to do anything that naughty.:) I hope you are enjoying spring days. Summer will be here tomorrow - 91 degrees for the predicted high. No, I am not happy about that. Looking forward to your next post ~ Donna

    1. Oh, I would LOVE to see the scrapbooks you have made, Donna! I bet your children will treasure them always.

      I'm sorry about the heat, I do not envy the 91 degree weather! :(


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