A Happy May Day

Monday, May 2, 2016

Aren't the April showers supposed to leave once May arrives?

Well, not in Juneau it seems.

We have been hit with a fit of cloudy, rainy weather that looks like it will last for the next two weeks - without a sunny day in sight in the forecast!

But even if it's nasty outside, we have reason to be happy: It's May! Which means it's time for my mom and I's favorite song from the musical Camelot.

(Be warned, it is a tad bit scandalous!)

Okay, maybe it's more than a tad bit scandalous. But Julie Andrews is one of my heroes and I just love singing along with her. And I'm not lusting after anyone (except maybe my husband), I'm lusting after sunshine! 

There may be no blue sky above us, but this last May Day I tried to bring a little sunshine into the lives of my friends and family. After all, May Day calls for tussie-mussies filled with flowers!

Saturday afternoon I spent creating the little paper cones that would hold the flowers. Last year was the first time I had ever celebrated May Day by leaving flowers at friend's doors, and I had just loved it!

Traditionally you are supposed to use the blooms from your own garden, but I have no garden (maybe someday) and even if I did there's not much blooming right now. A stop at our local grocery store provided some brightly colored mums, and a dear husband was willing to go tromping out in the rain to pick me some blueberry brush for a splash of green.

My first job as a new college student was in a flower shop, and I have loved arranging flowers ever since!
My top five favorite flowers are as follows:

~Magnolia    ~Hydrangea

~Poppy         ~Delphinium


If I could, I would fill the whole barn with flowers! Unfortunately, flowers are expensive, but thank goodness for wildflowers. The thing I look forward to most about Alaskan summers are the amazing wildflowers. Oh Summer, hurry up and come!

After I had made a few bouquets, I noticed this little guy crawling around in my blueberry leaves.

Don't fear! Quinn was kind and took him back outside, though I think Greta wanted to eat him...

We didn't really have anything to hold up the cones of flowers, so our biggest cooking pot was put to work holding them upright.

Now all that was left was to deliver a little sunshine!

We delivered quite a few little surprises to our family and friends, and we only got caught twice! Once when my mother-in-law came out to find us running off; "I see youuuuuu!" she called after us. And my grandmother also opened the door as we were fleeing her driveway. She looked so confused as she saw us drive away (with me happily waving to her), then she noticed the flowers and got a big smile on her face!

Quinn was my co-pilot through the whole fun event, driving fast and cheering me on as I ran (in heels) after knocking on doors. Greta also came along, but she sat in my lap and sniffed the flowers, trying several times to escape the car when we weren't looking.

In the words of my dear friend Avery, "Leave it to Emily to know of holidays you've never heard of but to make you want to join the jubilee!"

Haha! She was so surprised at finding flowers on her door that she called me right away (as we were driving away from her house!). 

Thanks so much for reading along, I hope you enjoyed our May Day adventures (running around in heals through puddles and mud - wahoo!). Come back Thursday when there will be a new story up!
So tell me, did you do anything fun for May Day? 
Are there flowers growing where you live, in your garden?
Why don't you tell me your favorite flowers as well! 
I'd love to hear!

Have a blessed day!


  1. What a wonderful idea to celebrate May Day. Your flower creations are beautiful! I have never celebrated this day, but perhaps I'll try to next year. There are not many flowers growing on my farm, however, the field has some wild flowers and the roses and peonies are in bloom.

    I wish you a wonderful May!

    1. Oh thank you so much Jaclyn! I just used store bought flowers since nothing is blooming here in Alaska either. But yes! Next year you should certainly think about celebrating. It's such a fun little holiday. :)

      May you have a lovely May as well! <3


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