Mother's Day Dinner

Thursday, May 12, 2016

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

My mother is far away on an island in Washington, but my mother-in-law is right next door! I feel so blessed to have two amazing moms to counsel and guide me in life, and to inspire me in new crafty adventures (as they are both very crafty)!

For my dear mother who is here in Juneau, the family all decided to throw a Mother's Day dinner out on the back porch of their home. My sisters and I ran around half the afternoon in a mad dash to decorate and prepare the table, while back in my oven a beautiful lavender shortbread baked for dessert!
Laura was in charge of candles, Abigail set out the plates and ironed the table cloths, and I hung bunting and a big gauzy tent to crown where mom would sit. Meanwhile, dad and Quinn were both working away in the kitchen. 

Of course, everyone had to pass around the puppy...

But I don't think Greta minded one bit!

Even Laura's parrot Xochie (pronounced So-chee) came out on the back porch for a while!
The afternoon was beautiful, but a tad-bit chilly. We're Alaskans though, so that didn't stop us!
The wind was a bit hard to deal with though...

I think mom was very surprised as she came through the door to see everything. She said it looked absolutely breathtaking and she felt like a Queen! 

The food was wonderful and there were lots of laughs shared around the table (mostly made by Quinn), but once it was time for dessert Mom asked if we could go inside since it was a bit chilly and everyone agreed (yes we're Alaskans, but we can get cold too)! 

Dad went in and started a lovely fire, and sitting around it we watched mom open her cards and presents. Abigail had painted a picture for her, and she loved the table runner Quinn and I had made.

After presents, Abigail and I cut the lavender shortbread and as we were mid-slice Mom called, "Quinn! Get a picture of them! They both look so beautiful!" So though this next picture may looked staged, I can promise you we were right in the middle of serving everyone when he took it!
I love to make shortbread, but I had never tried the lavender recipe before. I must admit, I was a bit nervous it would come out tasting like soap or perfume, but it was absolutely delicious! I will be making it again soon! If you'd like to try out the recipe I'll write it down below!

Everyone stayed up late into the night playing a hilarious round of Monopoly (where eventually those who didn't get bored and quit were left quarreling over who got the spoils from the leaving players).

I think Mom felt very loved, and to top it all off we got a beautiful sunset too.
Quinn was still in the middle of his Monopoly game when the colors of sunset were shining in all of their glory, so I begged him to come outside and take a photo of me. I'm lucky, because he said he would!
The dress I'm wearing is one I saved up for for quite a long time!
It was custom made for me at Heritage Dress Makers over on Etsy.

Lavender Shortbread
Adapted from Sweet Little Kitchen

1/2 cup powdered sugar
4 teaspoons dried lavender
1 cup butter {room temperature}
2 1/4 cups flour
1/4 teaspoon salt

1.) In a large bowl, mix powdered sugar and lavender. Add butter to bowl and use a hand mixer to cream the mixture. 

2.) Add flour and salt slowly, mixing gently to combine.

3.) Press mixture into greased pie pan or shortbread mold pan. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely before trying to remove shortbread from pan. Serve with a simple glaze of milk and powdered sugar and a sprinkling of dried lavender flowers. 


  1. Your Mother's Day looks like it was a lot of fun! The shortbread looks delicious so I had to make it. It turned out scrumptious, though I added some lemon juice into the glaze mixture. I just love lavender and lemon together! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

    1. Oh I'm so happy you tried it! And even happier that it turned out well! Now we just need to get together and have a tea party, now don't we? ;)


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