A Lost Boat

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Autumn is soon approaching, and with it the leaves are falling, the sky is growing darker, and cooler temperatures will be nipping at our toes. But until autumn is fully here, lets hold on to summer as long as possible, shall we?

One sunny day after a very long day at work, Quinn and I gathered some of our dear friends together and loaded the sailboat up for an evening spent on the water and on a sandy, far away shore.

But before I share that story, I must share with you another...

One Sunday evening a week or two ago, Quinn and I went on a walk with Greta. We chose one of our favorite trails (the one pictured in the Roses blog post), and made our way through the dimming light and fog to look out over the sea. It was a very quiet night, and it was already quite dark - but out of the fog Quinn called, "Do you see the sailboat?"

No, I didn't. The previous day had been very windy and we decided - much to our worry - that the sailboat had dragged anchor in the wind and made its way elsewhere.

Well. There wasn't much we could do. You see, our dear father was away for the week with the only other boat, and since we had no idea where it had gone anyway, a day long search may not turn up anything. So, we decided to pray.

And so we did! We prayed a lot that week and asked that the boat be safe. A week passed and finally our father Paul returned. Out Quinn and Dad searched, finally finding it stuck fast 20 miles away in front of a string of houses. There was no damage to it, and OH! how we were so thankful!
 Avery and Greta on our way to Portland Island
Greta loves the boat! How she adores looking out 
over the side (much to my panic sometimes!).

And so, a very thankful bunch of good friends headed out into the sun drenched waves, talking and laughing and maybe singing a bar or two of a favorite song. And all the while, Quinn - ever the sea captain - motored us (for the wind was blowing in the wrong direction). 
Callie, Avery, and Aria.

Once we rounded Portland Island's rocky side, our favorite stretch of sandy beach sparked gold waiting to meet us. Of course, we had to get to that sandy stretch of beach first, and that proved a bit more difficult than first thought...
 Quinn paddles Callie and Rob to shore. 
Rob wasn't quite happy about it.
Those who didn't go the first time gathered the supplies that had been carefully packed inside the boat. It was at this time that Quinn's helpful reminder to me("Don't forget the wood and fire starters in the back of the car.") had me wishing I had written it down. Oh well...perhaps we could rub some sticks together to roast our marshmallows? No? Oh dear...

Avery and Greta, both looking very beautiful with the sea as the back ground.
 Avery to me: "Emily, I don't think I should eat this berry. It doesn't quite look like the others."
 Treasures gathered from the sand and seaweed.
She sells sea shells by the sea shore!

We made it safely to the beach, though the small boat we used was very tipsy and Aria shaking it around did not help my calm as Quinn rowed us to shore.

Once there we searched for firewood (since I had forgot the box of it back in the car) and found small sea treasures along the way. Callie also discovered thimble berries still ripe along the woods.

Rob started the fire while Quinn and Avery carved marshmallow roasting sticks. This would be a wonderful night, I was already sure.

 The big X on the side of the boat is from the Coast Guard, who saw the boat drifting and called dad (though there was nothing he could do about it yet.)
 We still managed to find some very nice wood in the forest, left by other campers we guessed.
Rob's silhouette looking out to the mountains beyond.

Yummy marshmallows being made over the fire, the best part of any summer time activity!

Greta decided her treat was a big shell, the perfect thing to chew on in her eyes.

And soon, before we knew it, it was time to sail back.

I love how Greta looks in this picture: peaking out around the corner.

I can't remember if Aria or Avery took this photo, but I love it. The glow of the clouds and mountains remind me of singing Farther On - to me it looks like Heaven could lie right over those mountains.

As we got back to the calm harbor, the shadows were growing long and the only thing left illuminated were the clouds far along the horizon. Quinn carefully paddled everyone back to the rocky shore of North Douglas and sleepy goodbyes were exchanged. It was time to go home. 

But how fondly we will remember memories like these when the cold winter sets in and the sun seems to have forgotten to rise in the morning. I will surely look back at these pictures and remember singing with my dear friends on the beach in the bright setting sun. No, I will not soon forget it.

"For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory, no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly."
Psalm 84:11

Dear Lord, help me to walk uprightly all the days of my life. Though the winds and waves roar around me, I pray that you would be my anchor. For you will not let them blow me astray. I will hold fast to you oh Lord. You are my sun and my shield. 


  1. Emily,

    What a very lovely post, from the beginning with answered prayer to the end with God's promised protection.
    Your photographs are beautiful, as always. I am sure your friends will never forget that evening either.
    One day...


    P.S. If you ever want more summer, you are always welcome here. We have plenty of it to share.:)

    1. Thank you Donna! And yes, I might just take you up on that, its already starting to get dark and cold here!

  2. You are so blessed to visit different places and spend time with friends!


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