A Tiny Visiter

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Not more than a week ago I was at work and I suddenly got a string of texts that had me laughing and a bit shocked all at the same time. Quinn had sent me a picture of a small little bird and announced to me that he had saved him and that he was adopting the little visiter as his own. He had named him Chirpy.

Well of course I wanted to know the whole story, but it wasn't until I was off work and home again that I heard it:

Quinn had just let Greta out to play in the yard and he saw that Greta was trying to get something that kept hopping around. He knew at once that it was a bird and immediately tied Greta up so she wouldn't be too friendly (and hurt the little thing). Quinn then spent a good five minutes chasing the birdy around the yard. Once caught however, the bird - Chirpy - sat on his finger and acted as if he didn't care about Quinn anymore.

Chirpy was very good at making a sour and mean expression. And Greta was a bit miffed that a new pet had come into the household. (Do you know what kind of bird he is? Because we weren't sure. Leave any helpful info in the comments below this post!)

Quinn set to work. It appeared that little Chirpy couldn't fly because his wings were very soaked. Quinn left him in a little box to dry inside while he went to the garden to dig for worms. I did get a picture of his bowl of worms, but I am omitting it from this post so as not to gross anyone out.

The whole family came over and looked at little Chirpy and I think he liked the attention. By then it had stopped raining and he was happy to hop around in the dirt watching Quinn dig for worms (and then happily eating them).

Soon though it was time for Chirpy to leave and fly back to his family. So after a last supper of wiggly worms, Quinn set him in the woods and watched him fly off - and I do believe was a bit sad in doing so...but I'm so glad my dear husband cares about the little animals around our home in such a special way.

Goodbye Chirpy!

"I know every bird in the mountains, and the insects in the fields are mine."
Psalm 50:11


  1. Aww. Yay for Quinn for caring so much about a little bird. I tried to save two this summer, but Rosie got to them, so they didn't have a happy ending.:(

    1. Oh dear! I'm sorry your story didn't have a happy ending. :(

  2. Loved reading your bird story! My sister has tried to save 2 birds, but each time they died. One died right after we arrived home from church. Andrea was there to see it happen, though we think she overfed it because she gave it about 30 worms in one day. Haha

  3. This is such a sweet story! Sweet little Chirpy ♡ I know he's a juvenile, because of his speckles and his short wing feathers, but as I'm down in Texas,I'm not very familiar with Alaskan birds ;) Maybe a juvenile Dark Eyed Junko?


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