Signs of Spring

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Now that the light is slowly creeping back into our lives I have started taking Greta on more and more walks in the morning before work and in the evening. Quinn had given me a lesson on how to properly use his telephoto camera lens and I have had a grand time trying to capture photos of the birds that are returning to Juneau to make homes for themselves.

The birds returning is a sure sign of Spring.

The flats where I usually take Greta on her walk are still brown and gray, waiting for the sun and rain to bring back their green coats of sea grass. The Canadian geese have not enjoyed Greta chasing them around and often give us a wide berth when we visit.
If Quinn and I are fortunate enough to get off near the same time from work, we will often go together down to the flats and watch Greta run around. Quinn is wearing the XtraTufs I got him for Valentine's Day, a much needed accessory for Juneau's rainy spring.

Rain boots come out of hiding from inside the closet, a sure sign that Spring rains are falling.
Doesn't Greta just look so silly with her tongue hanging out? Haha! We had a hard time getting her to look at the camera for this shot, the silly girl. 

Quinn and I took turns climbing the alder trees down on the flats. It might be hard to see in the photos, but small green buds were starting to form on the barren branches.

A sure sign of the coming of Spring, new leaves will sprout from the trees.

Low against the trees, skunk cabbage, with its huge bright green leaves, grows in the marshy ground. My mother would always look forward to the first glimpses of bright green through the trees: "Look Emily! the skunk cabbage is coming up!"

The first sign of skunk cabbage is a sign that Spring is not far away for all those that live in Juneau. 
Yes, Spring is on its way to us. So many little things showing us that it's not too far off...

...the hardest one to ignore though is this:

A sure sign of Spring is the muddy puppy you have after a short walk!
Yes, that is mud all over Greta's face. 
Yes, she will need a bath this evening. 

At least Spring is on its way!

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  1. Wow, this is so good post, I want to spend a time with my pet in such place. Thank you for sharing this post with us


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