A Birthday Tea

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I was taken quite off guard as Quinn sat me down in the barn kitchen and said "Your birthday is next weekend and like it or not I am throwing you a party."

Well. What can a girl say to that?
I love to throw parties, but a party for myself is rather difficult. I don't really like to be the center of attention (yes yes, I can hear my family laughing hysterically now...), at least, not all the time.

So it was settled. Quinn would invite the guests and plan the menu and I would decorate the house next door (for the barn is still just as small as ever and Mom and Dad would be gone, allowing us to use their larger dining room).

My birthday this year fell on Sunday, the 23rd, and it would be filled with church services and singing practice with our cousins, so it was decided that Saturday evening would much better suit our needs for the party. Quinn had decided upon a tea, and I couldn't agree more with the thoughts of cucumber sandwiches and sweet treats dancing around in my head!

I was able to get Saturday off from work, so we spent the afternoon making treats, setting the table, and arranging flowers to lend an air of Spring to the indoors. The dreamy result had me bursting with joy and excitement over our soon arriving guests and friends...
Brightly colored streamers (which had been Quinn's idea) hung from the rafters along side flowery hearts of paper and bunting. Flowers in mini bud vases lined the table with tea lights, and at each spot at the table an eclectic mix of china waited for a special guest to sit down. Oh, it was simply lovely to behold!

I used my favorite Brambly Hedge tea cup for the occasion, and vintage spoons were set at each place setting. As I went around and lit the candles moments before our guests would arrive, Quinn set out the cucumber sandwiches and sweets along with a big bowl of punch with lemon floating inside. We started up the record player with a selection of songs from my favorite musicals, and before we knew it the party was in full swing!

We had a fantastic time with our dear friends and family, there was singing and dancing and lots of laughter as the evening came to a close. But of course I could never forget the best part: blowing out the birthday candles on my most favorite dessert, pumpkin pie!

A poem from my Grandpa Jim,
given to me in my birthday card.

It seems to me you always choose
The prettiest dress, the nicest shoes.
Your smile and attitude both say
You can brighten up each day.
You light up the room, you light up the sky,
Your hubby is a lucky guy!

The party was wonderful and I felt so special as everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. I am richly blessed with friends and a husband who loves me, what a happy thought!

A poem from Abigail,
sent to me all the way from Montana.

Emily Zahasky loves gray days, picking flowers in fields array.
Upon her lap a corgi lays, faithfully plodding all the day.

Amidst a crowd she blazes wild, always dressed with excellent style.
All must stop and stare awhile, as she takes the world with a smile.

She may seem timid, she may seem shy, but within her heart a fire lies.
Always burning for her Savior nigh.

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  1. That tea party looks amazing and I wish I could have been invited!!! How sweet of Quinn to plan this for you! I'd say he's a keeper. :)


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