Sea Winds

Monday, June 5, 2017

There is simply no feeling more grand than feeling warm sun on your skin after weeks of rain of chill. That is exactly what happened to Quinn and I several weeks ago as we saw the sun coming from behind the clouds. The rain that had seemed to last so long was over, time to go spend some time in the sun!

Well, perfect days are few and far between in Juneau and this one was no different. Though the sun was warm there was a wind blowing, but we chose to ignore it and pretend that summer had arrived early. Off to the beach we went!
Don't worry, we didn't pack our swimsuits. It's still way to cold to go out in that water, maybe when the 4th of July comes around (maybe...). Greta however is no chicken when it comes to cold, and soon she was dragging Quinn out into the gentle waves to see if she could find any shells or sea stars.

Or maybe it was Quinn pulling her out. Haha!

We didn't find any sea stars or shells, but there were plenty of broken pieces of plates from the old dining hall of the Treadwell Mine that had been on this beach long ago. Some of the old buildings are still in the woods around the beach, slowly becoming part of the scenery overgrown in moss and trees.

As the tide went out we explored further down the beach, finding all sorts of relics from times gone by and places we had never been to before.

There's just something so exciting about exploring a new place, especially one that's right in your backyard (or on the other side of your town). Do you ever go out and explore some new street you haven't been down or a trail you have yet to tread. I highly recommend it, dear reader, it always makes a person's day more interesting!


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure! I LOVE to go exploring and driving down different streets I have never been before. I actually haven't done this for awhile, so your post has inspired me to get out and explore!

  2. Emily, this is a beautiful post. Finding old things from the Treadwell Mine must be very exciting. Greta must have a very warm coat to be able to stand such chilly water. Brave Quinn!


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