Spring Snow

Monday, March 27, 2017

The ground had been bare, the garden looked as though things were starting to grow. All of us were dreaming of a warm and happy Spring.

Then it snowed two feet.
Yes indeed, we may have had a false start to Spring here in Juneau Alaska. And just when I was starting to think that we would have a snow-free Easter, we wake up to find a deep (and I mean deep) layer of snow blocking our door.

Quinn, however, wasn't complaining too much.
Greta loved the snow as well, but she found it quite difficult to traverse the high dunes. Quinn and I ran all around the back yard, making roads for her to run around in.

Can you spot Greta in the photo below? Poor thing, the more we played the more tired she became (after all, hopping through snow that's taller than you are is very draining!).

I can hardly remember a time when it snowed so much. Back when I was in high school we got two snow days off in a row for a little over a foot of snow, but two feet? My goodness! This day will certainly be a day to remember for years to come.

When the deep snow drifts of the yard were adequately plowed through, all of us ran down the driveway and out onto our little sleepy street, where our neighbors were riding around on their four-wheelers having a grand-ole-time. We made our way down to our favorite trail and headed out onto the flats (where, because of the changing tides, there wouldn't be as much snow for Greta to worry about).
Lets play again! Can you spot Greta in the photo below?
There may have been quite a bit of snow on the flats as well...so back on up to the house we went!

Time to start some avalanches with some swinging!

The falling snow was so beautiful. I loved running around and getting artistic camera shots. Quinn was a willing model for me, and he even offered to get some shots of me as well!

(Mom's barn square that we made her for a birthday, her giant Sitka Rose bush in front.)
Having fun in the snow is all well and good but soon there was work to be done: snowplowing. Dad wouldn't be home for quite a while and we would need to drive the cars at some point...but boy were they buried deep!

"Are you sure there's a car under there?"

Oh dear! Quinn had his work cut out for him! He got out the snowblower and set to work, with myself disappearing to talk with mom and watch Quinn from the warmth of the main house.

I have such an awesome husband! He cleared the driveway in almost no time at all and soon we were peeling off our wet clothes and shoes and all snuggled up and warm back inside the Barn. Thankfully, it wouldn't be till the next day that we would have to brave the roads and make our way to work. 
So tell me, what's the weather like where you are? It's still snowing off and on here in Juneau with our signature scattered rain showers (making quite the soggy mess outside). Has Spring come to your part of the world yet? I think we have a bit longer to wait here...

...but if it stays this pretty, I'm not sure I mind all that much.

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  1. I am feeling jealous to see that you people are enjoying the snow. There is no snow in my city and i just love to play in the snow.


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