Family Birthdays

Saturday, June 4, 2016

I am blessed to have a huge family. 
My cousin Cole's new daughter Carly-
eight months old and already SO cute!

When my parents and siblings all moved away from Juneau last November I was heartbroken. At the time, I was stuck 'down-south' for three months and couldn't bare the thought of coming back home only to find my family not there. 

Sure, not being able to see my sisters, brothers, and parents whenever I wanted to was sad, but the Lord reminded me of all my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins I had waiting for me, not to mention my even bigger church family!

My Dad's side of the family is so big, we have birthday parties every couple of months to celebrate all the birthdays in the family that have occurred. Last night was one such special occasion, and we were celebrating May and April birthdays (which means mine was included!). 

It's always nice to gather around and laugh and hear stories about your great-great-great grandma who gave a woman two black eyes with some brass knuckles back in 1920 because her son was a low life who had tricked her daughter into marrying him (Yep. My family is amazing. Someday I hope to meet Mamaw in heaven and hear all about it from her.) And it's also fun to watch your young cousins run around in excitement for dessert (even though its not their birthday)...
Carson is sad it's not HIS birthday.
Colton cheating at basketball (with himself).

There's nothing much cuter than a baby in a big hat! (Sorry Greta...)

After dinner together the birthday people got to sit on the couch and open the cards and presents from the rest of the family:

(My cousin Cole)

Quinn and I are the best at picking out birthday cards. Uncle Val's card had a cute puppy sing happy birthday when you opened it. He was pretty excited.

But the best part of any family gathering though, is of course, the dessert. 
And of course, I had pumpkin pie (lovingly made by my Aunt Jan!).
I think it's safe to say that I got my poetry writing skills from my dad and Grandpa Jim. He wrote poems for all the birthday cards, and I know I'll always treasure mine:

You have your clothes,
Your lovely smile.
They help make up
Your swinging style.

With bubbling spirit
And twinkling eyes,
It surely comes 
As no surprise:
That with Quinn and Greta along the way
You had a very special Happy Birthday.

By Jim Cummins

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  1. You are blessed. Your special birthday poem is a treasure. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.:)


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