A Week of Winter Poetry - Day Seven

Sunday, March 8, 2020

 Thank you so much Dear Friends for joining me for this 'Week of Winter Poetry'! For the last poem of the week I have saved a special favorite, one that involves cake! As I have shared before, winter is my favorite time of year to bake and try out new recipes. It makes the Barn smell amazing and makes it feel extra cozy.

Snow Sugar Cake
From my poetry notebook

On a soggy winter's day
My dearest friend came by to play.
We thought it best to make a cake
For when it's dreary it's time to bake.
Flour and sugar all crystal white
Sparkled in the candle light.
In to the oven nice and hot,
Meanwhile the icing - let's make a lot!
Now stack the cakes all nice and high -
"How pretty it looks" we both will sigh.
A piece for you, a piece for me,
We'll be as happy as two friends can be!
And a glance out the window will bring a surprise -
The world, like a cake, lies before our eyes.
For Mother Nature worked as we worked too,
To frost the landscape in silvery hues.

I do hope my poems brought you some joy this week! I was rather nervous to share so much of my poetry with you, but I know you are a Dear Friend and wouldn't mind if a poem wasn't all that great, haha! I don't often share my poetry, but I hope to share more of it with you if you have liked it. Thank you once again for joining me this week! Until next time Dear Friend!

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A Week of Winter Poetry - Day Six

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Goodness, here we are on day six of a 'Week of Winter Poetry' already. Our week of poetry is almost over, but please - if you enjoyed my poems - tell me below and I may do this again! Today I am sharing two shorter poems once again - and even though these are shorter, they are two of my favorites! I hope you will see why...

A March Day
From my poetry notebook

The days they pass from one to two,
And so the New Year creeps away.
And March is here before we knew,
For Winter said he'd like to stay.
The birds have started coming home,
The sun returns to shine her bliss.
My friends compel me up to roam -
But who would miss a March like this?
Spring Bulbs
From my poetry notebook

The snow that falls
Each little flake
Bares forth a call:
"Spring will be late!"
But in the bed,
All safe and warm,
Comes Crocus heads
Against the storm.

The photo below is from several years ago as my garden is still buried deep under a foot of snow. Just looking at the picture makes me excited for spring! Please share with me below in the comments, has your garden started growing yet? I will be envious if you say yes, haha! I doubt mine will be waking up before the end of April. But thankfully I have pretty pictures like this one to get me by till then!

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A Week of Winter Poetry - Day Five

Friday, March 6, 2020

There is simply nothing better than finding a letter or parcel awaiting you in your mailbox. It's one of my favorite things! I am blessed to have penpals all over the United States and beyond who I am friends with - some now for over five years, before I was even married! The poem for today is all about the joy I find in writing and receiving letters. Do share with me below - Do you have any penpals? Do you make a practice of writing letters or cards often? I would love to hear!

Letter From a Friend
From my poetry notebook

I received a letter on a snowy day
   in my post box by the road.
It was from a friend quite far away,
   that's what the postmark showed.
I got some biscuits, made some tea,
   and sat down to read her news -
The sight of her handwriting filled me with glee!
   Yes the letter I quickly perused.
"I'm very well and how are you?
   Yes things 'round here are fine.
As I write I'm cooking stew
   and I've got the wash out on the line.
How's the winter been up there?
   Ours has been warm and mild."
Reading of her little joys and cares
   simply made me smile.
And so with paper, pen,
   I sat down to make reply.
One page quickly turned to ten,
   as my thoughts just flew on by.
"Tell me of your plans for spring.
   Have you been writing much?
The birds outside have started to sing,
   they twitter about twigs and such."
I always find it wonderful
   to hear from a friend so dear.
Letters? I have a drawer full!
   To my heart they're very dear.

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A Week of Winter Poetry - Day Four

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Hello again Dear Friends! I do hope you have been enjoying this week so far, and I pray my poems have brought a smile to your face each day. Today I am sharing two shorter poems - the first one I wrote after seeing the morning sun turn the mountains orange and pink. We have not been getting a lot of sun this winter so it was an amazing sight to behold! The second poem talks about the coming of light - something all Alaskans look forward to after our long, dark winters.

Morning on the Mountains
From my poetry notebook

The sun comes up, up over the brink -
It glazes the mountains in a tangerine pink.
The frost it sparkles, the wind is still -
Yet in the stillness hangs winter's chill.
The sun won't rise high above the peak -
Though faces turn in search of heat.
But warmth won't be found until home once again -
When in the presence of tea and a good friend.
New Year's Winter
From my poetry notebook

Pink noses and rosy cheeks,
Counting down the New Year's weeks.
And with each passing darkened day,
A little more light is here to stay.
And so all bundled, safe and warm,
I'll make my way into the storm
Of frosty flakes, of cutting ice -
To see the winter's magic sights!

Several times this winter I have had trouble bundling up for the elements outside my door. Not because I don't own enough scarves (I probably have too many to be truthful), but because the cold just seeps right into your bones, no matter how many layers you put on! It doesn't help that I work in an office that is constantly flooded with cold air as people move in and out from outside. Perhaps I should start wearing puffy snow gear to work like Quinn does? Haha!

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A Week of Winter Poetry - Day Three

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Hello again Friends! Thank you for joining me on day three of my 'Week of Winter Poetry'. Today's poem was a lot of fun to write and talks about all the seasons of the year - I love the idea of all the seasons being sisters. Of course there are quarrels between them every so often: Winter creates a late hard frost just as Spring has her daffodils blooming, Autumn comes early with cold rains and brings a chill in the air to Summer's last golden days. These quarrels sound a bit more poetic than the fights my sisters and I would have, but you get the idea, haha!

Now do tell, what is your favorite season and why? Has it always been your favorite or has it changed? When I was a young girl living in Texas, dreaming of the home I had left in Alaska, my favorite season was winter because there was hardly a winter to speak of! Now that I'm back in my beloved Alaska my favorite season is autumn, just because it's so fleeting here. One day we have gorgeous colors and the next day the wind and rain carry them away. Oh well, it makes it all the more special since it lasts only a little while.

But without further ado, I hope you enjoy today's poem!

The Season's Banquet
From my poetry notebook

One fine day in April
The Seasons gathered for tea.
And this was quite unusual,
To have four and not just three.
For one must always be busy
It was their duty after all.
But Spring was taking a break
And letting Jack Frost cover it all.

This was a big occasion,
As all the sisters knew -
Everything must be perfect
From the first "hello" to the last "audeu"!
Everyone helped decorate
With icicles and flowers,
And Spring covered all the table
With a veil of silver showers.
Summer brought a salad,
Winter brought hot tea,
Autumn brought preserves and scones
and Spring sandwiches a plenty!

While they sat they chatted
about love and about the weather
(For Winter had eyes for Mr. Frost
Who was handsome and quite clever)
Autumn mentioned last year's early freeze -
Winter had to blush -
Spring gave a merry laugh,
While Summer talked in a rush.

And before the day was over,
They'd made plans to meet again,
As all said goodbye to each other
To each sister and dearest friend.
Yes one fine day in April
The Seasons gathered for tea.
And it sounds like they had such a lovely time
I wish they'd invited me!

Last night I actually had two friends over for a tea party, as well as my youngest sister who is visiting! We had a lovely time, just like the four Seasons in the poem, so I don't feel so left out now that I have had my own fancy tea party. Haha!

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A Week of Winter Poetry - Day Two

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Here we are on day two of my 'Week of Winter Poetry'! The following poem I wrote on a really slow day up at work(when I get most of my inspiration, haha!). At the moment Quinn and I are both working up at Eaglecrest, our local ski area. He as a ski/snowboard instructor, and I myself as a member of the Ski School office, sending all the students out to him. It's been fun working up there, though I'm not sure how much longer I can hide from learning how to ski...(Quinn has been trying to get me on the slopes since we were dating).

The Ski School office is the location of our 'lost & found', which holds everything from ski poles to missing lunch boxes. I was inspired by the large tub of lost gloves we always have to write this following poem. I hope you enjoy it!

Lost Mittens
From my poetry notebook
My favorite pair of gloves - but a warm corgi is always nice too!

I have lost my mittens
I don't know where they've gone
I know I had them yesterday
When I was playing on the lawn.
And I know I had them after
When I went down by the sea -
I took them off to throw some rocks
But I brought them back with me.
I used them to defeat the neighbors
in an epic snowball fight,
and I thought I brought them back inside
when I came home for the night.
But now I can't seem to find them
They're not by my hat or coat
And my mom didn't say she moved them
Nor did she leave me a note.
So I guess I'll stay inside
What else is there to do?
You don't know where my mittens hide
or where they are, do you?

My mother had my mittens,
Yes she had them the whole time
Hidden in the highest spot
Hung up on a line.
Right above the wood stove
To get them warm and dry
Just ready to give me toasty hands
Under winter's snowy sky.
So if you've lost your mittens
And you've searched both near and far
Just ask your mom, I promise
She knows right where they are!

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A Week of Winter Poetry - Day One

Monday, March 2, 2020

Hello Dear Friend! Welcome to the first installment in my 'Week of Winter Poetry'. I so enjoy writing poetry in my free time, and although someday I hope to publish my poems in book-form, this week I will just be sharing them here with you. I think these will be the perfect posts to read with a cup of tea and perhaps some biscuits - so please get cozy! I hope you have a delightful time reading these poems for I had a wonderful time writing them. And now to our first one:

Winter's Day Reading
From my poetry notebook

It's true I like to go for walks 
In Winter's whitest snow
For I find that nature seems to talk
In the stillness as I go.
But there are days (much like today)
When staying cooped up is better.
For all the snow has melted away
And been replaced with rainy weather.
So what is one to do you ask
When kept holed up at home?
My favorite thing it to grab a book
for in my head I can roam.
Suddenly I'm in Paris
With the Eiffel tower shining bright.
And I'm standing on a terrace
In a gown as black as night.
Or now I'm traveling east to west
With a sword strapped to my side
Clothed in armor on a magic quest
To make a princess my bride.
And now I'm a desperate maiden 
Wandering over the moor
With fears and hopes heavy-laden
To find the truth behind the lore.
And when it's time for dinner, well
I'll leave those worlds behind
But they stay with me - like a spell
Yes they're always in my mind.
And so perhaps, next day it rains
I'll find a book to lend
For after reading it, one thing remains:
To share it with a friend!

Are you doing any winter reading? This is the time of year I find time to read, since it can be so cold and unfriendly outside my door. Right now I am reading a book I got for Christmas: "I Will Repay" by Baroness Emmuska Orczy - a sequel to her famous "The Scarlet Pimpernel". I fell in love with this book last year and have since read it three times, so it's wonderful to move on now to the second book. What are you reading Friend? Please share below in the comments! I am always looking for a good book recommendation!

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