My Week As A 1950's Housewife - Friday

Saturday, January 13, 2018

I have to say, as much as I'm enjoying this week I am getting tired out! As I write this I only have the weekend to go and then it will be back to 2018 for me! I must say I am looking forward to being able to use my microwave - having leftovers for lunch means more work without it! Don't worry, I will be writing a bit on Sunday (posted on Monday morning) to compile all my thoughts from this week. I hope you stick around till then! But let's press forward with Friday, shall we?
We woke up to pretty white flakes drifting down from the gray clouds above us. Snow had finally come this year! I had another work meeting, so most of my morning was filled up with band things and tour dates (Wondering if we'll be playing in your area or do you want us to come to you? Check out our Facebook page or website for the upcoming dates - we'll be posting them soon!).

Quinn and I had planned a special 50's date night with some friends, so I had worn a dress to match the occasion (can you tell what we would be doing?). The dress is a lovely swing dress, and underneath I wore the biggest crinoline ever! Seriously! This thing has so much poof!
I had done my hair much like I did several days ago, in a curly ponytail. This time however I had gotten another victory roll to work, hurray! I paired the dress with a locket, a flowery head scarf, and basic black heels. 

The snow made things even dreamier and I had a fun (though somewhat cold) time dancing around in the falling snowflakes.

Sometimes you just have to forget the cold and dance around in the snow without a jacket on (while your husband takes pictures of you, haha!).

The morning was already over and done with and it was afternoon. If we were going to be able to go on our date that evening, I would need to start cleaning. I started with the worst job first...the fridge!

Our fridge is very old (perhaps from the 1950's itself? Ha!), so when we moved into Blueberry Barn (it came with the Barn) we decided to give it a little makeover. Melissa had spray painted her fridge not long before this (a lovely bright, neon green) so we decided to do the same to ours. My favorite color is gray, but a gray fridge wouldn't stand out! My second and third favorite colors are aruba blue and bright red, so we decided on the blue - and I love it still to this day!

Of course I love it more when it's shut and I can't see the mess inside. It's Quinn's job to clean out the fridge and this he does very seldomly (causing very gross results of course). We had cleaned it out recently however, but with all the cooking and large grocery trip at the beginning of the week, it seemed to be overflowing. It had even been difficult to find room to place the pie two nights ago! That simply would't do! So, armed with gloves and soapy water, I hesitantly started my work.
After totally emptying it, I discovered that it wasn't that gross after all. The bottom shelves (that are a whole piece of plastic and aren't like the oven rack style you see in this photo) did have some dustiness about them, but nothing my rag couldn't fix. I washed down all the surfaces and contemplated which shelf I would put what things on...

It looked so nice, clean and empty that I almost didn't want to put all the food back in it, silly me! (Also, please excuse the mess of items on top of the fridge, I promise they're organized! It's just our fridge is in the entry way and that's also where we store all of our things, so it tends to look a bit messy). 

The fridge was done, ya! And it hadn't been at all as bad as I thought - what a pleasant surprise that was (now we just need to keep it that way!).
With the fridge done I decided to finish a chore from Wednesday: cleaning the windows. I had put a lot of work into the windows downstairs (inside and out), but I neglected the ones upstairs for my poor, tired arms sake. Now that I had some time, I thought this would be the time to get that chore done and off my list!
Thankfully the windows upstairs didn't have the thin film of oil on them as the ones in the kitchen did. They were so much easier to clean and they went by in a flash - though I did find myself slowing down a bit and enjoying the pretty snowflakes that were falling outside. 

I was able to clean both sides of the middle window because it's really a door (to the invisible deck Paul was supposed to build many years ago), but the other windows will have to wait till Quinn takes down the Christmas lights (I don't plan on keeping them up all year like we did this last year - I'm still so embarrassed about this!). My, how nice they look now! Having clean windows did so much for the Barn, that chore will definately be getting done more often now! 


Have you been wondering about our date? What would a teen couple (who were 'going steady' of course!) do on a Friday night in the 1950's? Well they might go for a romantic walk, they might go dancing, or they might go bowling with friends!

And of course we went bowling!
(Though I'm pretty sure I never looked as graceful as the lady pictured above)
 We brought along Laura, Abigail, Melissa (who just watched) and Quinn's friend Aaron. None of us had been bowling at all recently (let alone in years!), and we had the whole place to ourselves which was quite special! I couldn't tell you the last time I went bowling, but I knew from the start that I wasn't going to be very good!

 And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of disappointment. 

Don't feel too bad for me though, it was still a lot of fun (even though I lost miserably and could only wish for the ball to not go into the gutter right off the bat...). 

Quinn had by the far the best technique out of all of us - he looked great no matter how he scored!

In Aaron's own words after getting two gutter balls, "At least I'm consistent. That is...consistent at failing!" He may have said it but I was sure feeling it (and he was almost winning!). 

Abigail kept the lead for almost the whole game! 
Below you can see a sure dilemma and her stance of concentration:
During the last round I finally got a strike - I was utterly filled with joy!
 That made my miserable score go from a 35 to a 53. 
Aaron won with 107, just about double what I had! Haha! 
(I was still VERY excited about my one strike though!)
And here we are (thank you mom for the picture!), our group of silly bowlers!
And did you ever figure out my outfit?
I picked it for it matched the bowling shoes perfectly!
After bowling, our 'date' continued on to our favorite local pizza place! It wouldn't be a date if I had to cook a huge meal, and let me tell you, it was so wonderful to have a day off from all that cooking!
I think everyone had a splendid time, and even though it wasn't quite 50's appropriate, 
I may have played a few arcade games...
And with that, Dear Reader, I will sign off!
It was certainly a wonderfully relaxing even all around, but now I feel like I'm ready to tackle the next big thing: Breakfast on Saturday morning!

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  1. LOVE your dress and your hair! Beautiful. Bowling is such fun, but we don't do it often. Oh, when I saw you were standing at a door cleaning the glass my heart skipped a beat. I'd be afraid I'd step right out and fall to the ground. Gracie was all excited over the Skittles in your arcade game. Her dad bought her a huge bag of Skittles and I took them back to the store and got her a very small box. No one needs that many Skittles. Now, if it had been chocolate...

    1. I showed your comment to Quinn and we both cried for Gracie's sake. We are Skittle lovers as well (though sadly we weren't able to get any out of the machine). Hahaha! ;)

  2. You simply have the BEST dress collection!! And finally, SNOW! Yay! I washed my windows yesterday with the sun streaming in and the temps outside simply too cold to venture out. You have inspired me so much this week!


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