In Search of a Tree

Saturday, December 23, 2017

It was a week until Christmas and the weather was perfect for Christmas tree hunting. Early in the morning with the first rays of light, we started off, Greta the most excited of all for the prospect of a walk so early in the day.

The meadows and muskeg above Blueberry Barn were frosted over, though there was no snow to be seen except on the mountain tops.

Silently, we sent a prayer up to heaven, asking for a white Christmas...

Seven days till Christmas?! The thought filled Quinn and I with joy as we walked along forgotten paths, staring above our heads in hopes of finding the perfect tree to fill our home.

With saw in hand we searched, often saying to one another "This one looks nice, lets remember this one here!" yet on we looked, the blue sky above us making us shiver.
I was planning on getting three trees, the same number I had gotten last year. Two large hemlocks and one small little Sitka spruce for our countertop. I jokingly asked Quinn if we could keep our eyes out for a fourth tree, but he declined. Oh well, the Barn would be full enough with three!
We weren't out in the cold morning for too long however, and soon we had picked two skinny hemlocks to take home, Quinn expertly cutting them and loading them up on top of the car.

Good job honey! Greta and I couldn't have done it without you!

Then it was back to the Barn to offload the two trees and to go look for our third. This wouldn't take as long, for we had already scouted out the cutest little spruces where we often walked with Greta. Though the sun didn't shine too bright, the mountains were aglow with the light dusting of snow, and off Quinn went - now accompanied by Greta & Lupin both - to get a bucket of sand for the tree pots.

Greta! What are you doing!? Don't you know how cold that water is!
Oh well...I don't mind as long as she doesn't insist on me swimming with her.
"Wait! What's he doing!? HE'S DIGGING!"
"YES! Let's go help him!!"

Yes, with Greta and Lupin's help Quinn was able to fill his bucket with sand, and in no time at all we were off down the flats in search of the perfect little spruce.
Aren't they lovely? It was hard to choose, but eventually we found one that wouldn't be too big for the counter. Lupin and Greta begged to help Quinn cut down the tree, but I think they barked more than they helped...

Since Quinn had done all the work on the trees so far, he insisted I carry this tree back up to the house to pull my weight. It was rather prickly, but I agreed. Of course, being the gentleman he is, he carried the tree and the heavy bucket of sand back up! I corralled the puppies and carried the saw, and soon we were setting the trees up in the house and taking out the boxes of decorations and ornaments. It promised to be a Christmasy afternoon!


  1. Much more fun than taking the tree out of the box.:/ I love your little tree for the kitchen. I think I may do that next year. It will be here before we know it!

    1. It may be more fun, but the weather certainly has a say in it! (It was pouring when we got Paul & Melissa's trees!) I love my little Scandinavian tree, I hope you enjoy having a little mini tree as well next year!


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