To Dance 'Round A May Pole

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Come my lord, 'tis time you see
To do the maypole dance with me
A day that's full of revelry
With hearts now full of joy and glee.

Come now, my lord and take your place
I see the smile now on your face
Around this maypole now we'll chase
And run a very winsome race.

The maypole dance, My lord, is fun
A day of joy for everyone
So now the music has begun
We will now dance till setting sun.

- An excerpt from The Maypole Dance by C.J. Browning - 

With the rain of Autumn on its way one can't help but remember the early days of Spring. As I went back through my diary of photos I found the following. It seems I was too busy with work at the time to write about them, and now that I have some time it seems a perfect occasion to share them with you. For when the rain echos off the roof of Blueberry Barn we recall sunnier days...
This was a project long in the making, for I have dreamed of dancing around a May Pole ever since I was little and never got the chance till Quinn and I went to a Renaissance Fair. Of course this only made me all the more excited to try to make one of my very own, one that I could put up whenever I wanted to dance and twirl with ribbons. With inspiration from years of dreaming, Quinn and I set to work to create something lovely.
I think it turned our prettier than I ever could have hoped for - don't worry! I'll show it to you in a moment, but first a flower crown needed to be made. For who can dance around a May Pole without a flower crown? Not me, to be sure!

With flower crown made it was time to start dancing. 
So without further to do, a whole wealth of photos from that wonderful day!

Don't worry, Lupin and Greta also helped me twist the ribbons around the May Pole. Later, we were able to get the whole family around it, but we were having so much we forgot to take pictures during that time. Oh well, I'm sure very soon we'll have it up again!

Silly puppies! We'll have holes in all the ribbons if you keep pulling so tight!

And how could I forget Quinn? My amazing husband who did all the drilling with the power tools so that I could have a lovely May Pole. He was more than willing to step into the limelight for me...I'm so lucky to have him!

The ribbons were so much fun to play with, I could have spent hours and hours out there in the backyard dancing and prancing around to music. We made our May Pole so that it could easily be put up without too deep a hole in the backyard, so I imagine we'll have it up again soon before Autumn arrives. It just makes me so happy, to see the ribbons blowing in the breeze. I feel if it's up, it will always feel like Spring in our backyard!

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